Ællings bad


"Ællings bad"
I don't have an english title for this book, sorry.

Pop-up/movable book published in 2003 by DR Multimedie, Denmark. 
Ælling is a figure in a tv show for children called "Bamses Billedbog". Bamse is a human size yellow bear known from danish children's television since 1982. He is still very popular today. Bamse's best friend from the beginning of the tv shows is Kylling, a human size chicken. Later on came Ælling, a human size duckling. 
Text: Elin Bing
Illustrations: Dina Gellert
Paper engineering: Kristine Suhr

Ællings bad
En pop-up bog udgivet af DR Multimedie i 2003.
Forfatter: Elin Bing
Tegninger: Dina Gellert
Pop-up konstruktioner: Kristine Suhr

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