The Princess on the Pea


"The Princess on the Pea"
Kaj & Andrea in search for adventures with H. C. Andersen. Kaj & Andrea are two popular danish puppets  known from danish children's television. Kaj is a frog and Andrea a parrot. They were created in the 1970's and are still very popular. 

Carousel pop-up book published in 2003 by DR Multimedie, Denmark. The book is in Danish.
: Sussi Bech
Paper engineering: Kristine Suhr

"Prinsessen på ærten"
Kaj & Andrea på eventyr med H.C. Andersen.
En dukketeater bog/karrusel pop-up bog udgivet af DR Multimedie i 2003.
Tegninger: Sussi Bech
Pop-up konstruktioner: Kristine Suhr

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